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    In August 2006, Global Green USA announced the winner of the Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans. The project, by Andrew Kotchen, Matthew Berman, and their New York office workshop/apd will be built in the Holy Cross Neighborhood to set an example both for supportive community housing in the beleaguered city and for sustainability in residential design in general.


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    While architects in the Northern Hemisphere have been appropriately fixated on manipulating southern orientations of buildings in pursuit of climate-responsive architecture, those "Down Under" have been giving the same attention to north-facing facades.

    In the new Business School for Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand, the architecture firm JASMAX has designed a northwest facade that puts on a visual show in response to the daily sun path.


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    Atlantic Hurricane Season Nearly Over, Forecaster Says — ENN, 2006.1004

    Hospitals Go 'Green' to Cut Toxins — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2006.1004

    Ozone Hole Matches Record Size — ENN, 2006.1003

    London Mayor Doubles Renewable Energy Targets — eGov Monitor, 2006.0928

    Green Building for Homeowners Leaps Forward — Newland Communities press release, 2006.0927

    American Lung Association Awards Hearth & Home Technologies — Hearth & Home Technologies press release, 2006.0921

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