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Quizzical Pursuit
—The Architecture Puzzler

Created by Dave Guadagni

Solution to Last Week's Puzzler
Architecture Puzzler #306


As many of us recognize, U.S. construction costs have been rising. Which of the following October- through- September periods had a rise of 9.6 percent: 2002 to 2003, 2003 to 2004, or 2004 to 2005?


According to R.S. Means, the period of October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2004 saw a 9.6 percent rise in construction costs. The change in 2002-2003 was 2.5 percent, in 2004-2005, 5.7 percent. These percentages vary for different communities. Costs of products in certain specification sections, such as metal fabrication and thermal and moisture protection, have risen much more.


Okay, got it? Now try this week's Puzzler:


Dave Guadagni, AIA, is an architect with Robertson/Sherwood/Architects

Quizzical Pursuit is Copyright 2006, Dave Guadagni.


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Have costs been rising higher than the Chrysler_Building?

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