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  • How Botta Builds
  • House by Schindler

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    Creating an edifice draws on an almost mystical process of imagining and materializing something from nothing, of developing original thought forms and manifesting them in the physical environment. Swiss-born Mario Botta provides a unique perspective on this creative process. He is best known in the United States for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and is considered one of the world's foremost architects for churches and museums.


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    In his 1926 article, "Care of the Body," in the Los Angeles Times, Rudolf Schindler describes the house of the future: "Our rooms will descend close to the ground, and the garden will become an integral part of the house. The distinction between the indoors and the out-of-doors will disappear. The walls will be few, thin, and removable. All rooms will become parts of an organic unit instead of being small separate boxes with peep-holes."


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