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Building Paintings


French duo, Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus also critique and consider contemporary architecture by creating hypothetical projects. For Archipeinture they turn to what they call "Psycho-architecture," finding inspiration in houses drawn by disturbed children during psychological tests. "We are very interested by the links between architecture and [the] psyche," writes Péjus. "These houses have potential architectural invention."

German-born Ulf Puder is a little more negative, with drab representations of cube architecture, "Siedlung II," expressing the melancholy of those who live in it.

Meanwhile fellow German, Oliver Zwink, is preoccupied by more dramatic urban failures. He commonly builds scale models of buildings that he partially collapses and reshapes, and "Lüster" is of this ilk. It strikes the viewer as both an unfinished work, and one halfway through the demolition process.

Quirky and varied, the exhibition works hard at being inspirational — getting viewers to think outside the box (pun intended) when it comes to the inner and outer spaces they inhabit.

This exhibit should be of particular interest to those submerged in the profession itself. For those architects who are game, it's a perfect time to get inside the heads of the people they design for.

Jo Baker is a freelance design and travel writer based in Hong Kong, soon to relocate to San Francisco. Publications she writes for include Time, The South China Morning Post, and Hinge Magazine.

Digital images are courtesy of the Camden Arts Centre.


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ArchWeek Image

Sasha, 1993, by Andrew Lewis, from the collection of Lucien Bilinelli, Brussels.
Photo: Andy Keate

ArchWeek Image

Psycho-architecture, 2006, by Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus, installation view Camden Arts Centre, courtesy of the artists and Galerie Martine Aboucaya.
Photo: Andy Keate

ArchWeek Image

Siedlung II (Settlement II) 2005, by Ulf Puder, from a private collection, courtesy of Dogenhaus Galerie Leipzig.
Photo: Andy Keate

ArchWeek Image

Lüster, 2006, by Oliver Zwink, installation view Camden Arts Centre, courtesy of the artist.
Photo: Andy Keate


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