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Patagonian Luxuries

by Jennifer LeClaire

An exotic location like Chilean Patagonia demands an exotic hotel. Hotel Remota's design draws from the dazzling explosion of islands, glaciers, icebergs, and mountains on this southern tip of South America.

Inspired by Patagonian sheep farm buildings, Hotel Remota offers warm interiors to shield visitors from the wind and cold. A central courtyard introduces visitors to the Patagonian wilderness: except for a few large boulders, the plaza is empty, but full of suggestion.

"It is like the clear cut that one makes to see the forest," says Hotel Remota's designer German del Sol, one of Chile's leading architects. "It lets one see what one minds, whether it is the natural environment, or the strong culture that allows men and women to enjoy a life as life is in Patagonia."

Light in a Vast Place

From a distance, the Hotel Remota looks like an outsized black barn in the vastness of the Patagonian plains. At night, warm yellow lights gleam from the hotel's interior. Indeed, Hotel Remota is full of light, revealed in part through the continuous sequence of vertical windows in the exterior walls.

Del Sol hid the hotel's refinements behind the black sheep-farm facade to lower the traveler's expectations so the interior appears "unexpectedly in all its splendor." The unassuming architectural style reflects his belief that traveling and wandering is all about giving a chance for the unexpected to appear.   >>>

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ArchWeek Image

Hotel Remota, by architect German del Sol, reflects its environment in Patagonia.
Photo: Jaime Borquez

ArchWeek Image

Spare furnishings in the public spaces.
Photo: German del Sol


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