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    Katrina Disaster Continues

    by ArchitectureWeek

    As we publish this week, the ten-day-old disaster of Hurricane Katrina, flooding, and aftermath continues. Some heavily hit areas within the Gulf South region, especially along the eye path and away from the coast and major highways, have still seen few, if any, relief workers. In other areas, levees have been plugged, electric power has been restored, and bulk evacuations are largely complete. Disaster refugees are now spread across a thousand miles of supporting states.

    In some areas, government agencies seem to be at last making headway. But in other areas it is only the less visible, but sometimes more effective, efforts of volunteers that have provided desperately needed help. It is debatable whether a 100 percent governmental solution is the right approach to the security of New Orleans proper, as suggested by the call for total evacuation. Meanwhile, in more remote places, there are still Americans dying today for want of rescue and relief.

    Very sadly, the tragic course of events seems to have only further justified the critical aspects of our initial comments last week. In addition to national media coverage, a valuable local perspective continues to be provided by the online editions of the Times Picayune newspaper of New Orleans, which made some critical comments of its own. And ArchitectureWeek coverage of the many design and building-related dimensions of this disaster will continue in coming weeks, months, and years. During this second week of continuing difficulty, we simply bear witness.   >>>

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    ArchWeek Image

    September 5, 2005, New Orleans. Search and rescue efforts are still urgent and ongoing.
    Photo: FEMA/Liz Roll

    ArchWeek Image

    August 31, 2005, New Orleans. Evacuees approach the Superdome after rescue.
    Photo: FEMA/ Jocelyn Augustino


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