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    Library Building Beyond the Books

    by Libris Design

    With the advent of the information age and the radical change in library materials, media, and means of access to information, the nature of certain types of building systems have changed accordingly. These systems affect the layout and design of modern libraries. The most dramatic of the changes has been the evolution of communication systems and their associated equipment.

    Technology systems in a building now include any digital device, digital media, routing devices, operating systems, digital networks and servers, audio-visual systems, cabling systems, and digital wireless devices that are used to provide access to sources of digital information.

    Communications Distribution Facilities

    The main technology entrance facility, also known as the main point of entry (MPOE) is the space where service providers for telephone, fiberoptic cable, or cable television locate their incoming connections for the building. Within the MPOE, the exterior grade cable is terminated and connected with the inside wiring for the building.

    The MPOE area should have good physical access from the outside and be protected from flooding. The space should be located above the exterior high-water mark, be free from internal building plumbing, have water alarms around any air conditioning equipment that is located within the room, and be protected using pre-action, or "dry pipe" fire sprinkler systems. These sprinkler systems minimize the possibility of water damage.

    The main equipment room is a central space used to house technological equipment of various types intended to service end users. This equipment may include the main telephone system (PBX), data network equipment, and video distribution equipment.   >>>

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    ArchWeek Image

    Getting library patrons wired requires a technical infrastructure that grows increasingly complex.
    Image: Michael Bulander

    ArchWeek Image

    The main equipment room of a large facility.
    Photo: Vantage Technology


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