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Quizzical Pursuit
—The Architecture Puzzler

Created by Dave Guadagni

Solution to Last Week's Puzzler
Architecture Puzzler #227


If I told you this common building material is manufactured from CaSO4-2H2O, what product would I be referring to?


CaSO4-2H2O is gypsum ore and, along with paper, is the main component of gypsum wallboard. In North America, about 30 billion square feet (2.8 billion square meters) of wallboard are produced each year.


Okay, got it? Now try this week's Puzzler:


Dave Guadagni, AIA, is an architect with Robertson/Sherwood/Architects

Quizzical Pursuit is Copyright 2005, Dave Guadagni.


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Doing chemistry in the "Laboratory of Thomas Price," painting by Henry Alexander.

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