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ArchitectureWeek - Classic Homes
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    Classic Home 038

    ArchWeek Image

    Exterior Overview of Classic Home 038, Butler House, designed by William Wurster, Architect.

    "To accommodate the outdoor orientation of the Butlers' lifestyle, Wurster planned a progression from indoors, or enclosed space, to outdoors.

    "From the domesticated vegetation of the courtyard, one moved through the Living Porch onto the Living Terrace overflowing into the natural landscape, where one could contemplate the distant views toward the southeast...

    "Departing from the secluded microcosm of the Moorish paradise garden or the Hispanic patio, the Butler House and Garden achieved an almost uninterrupted confluence of building, interior open space, and natural surroundings... The Butler House functioned as an envelope that merely suggested, rather than imposed, the limits between interior and exterior. The living porch served as a membrane between bedroom and living room and court and natural landscape. The courtyard functioned as a lens that refracted and reflected nature back onto itself and onto architecture." — Dorothée Imbert in An Everyday Modernism: the Houses of William Wurster, edited by Marc Treib, University of California Press, 1995. p116-118.

    Copyright Notice: The design of this house is owned by the designer, and it may not be copied without permission.

    Download a Free 3D Model of this Classic House


    ArchWeek Image

    Ground floor plan.
    William Wurster, Architect.

    ArchWeek Image

    Download a Free 3D Model of this Classic House
    Image: David Owen, ArchitectureWeek

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