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    Housing High and Low

    by Roberto Pérez-Guerras

    Spanish architect Roberto Pérez-Guerras has worked on a diversity of projects since the mid-1970s. He describes his design process as "fueled by the objective of creative imagination as a cultural evolution" and by "the attempt to obtain spaces for cohabitation out of sites whose value has not been realized." Here to illustrate these guiding principles are two very different residential complexes by the firm of Pérez-Guerras. — Editor

    A design process based on the search for the cultural past has led to a new view of the attributes of the inner city, which have been almost forgotten by industrial development dominated by the automobile. We took as our aim the design of communal spaces that foster communication between the persons who live in them.

    As creative professionals we have the social responsibility of providing our built complexes with spaces for human interrelation. This aim, which combines the private and the public spheres without either of them losing their prominence, has formed the basis for our residential schemes.

    Also, the sensation produced by places that have been experienced throughout history affects all our senses positively by making a site recognizable in a given setting. If the treatment of these spaces evolves and is brought up to date without losing the sensations that it evokes, we will have achieved another of the objectives of equality.   >>>

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    This article is excerpted from Conceptual Architecture by Roberto Pérez-Guerras, with permission of the publisher, Carles Broto i Comerma.



    ArchWeek Image

    Neguri Gane is a residential tower by Roberto Pérez-Guerras in in Benidorm, Spain.
    Photo: Roberto Pérez-Guerras

    ArchWeek Image

    Neguri Gane is a residential tower by Roberto Pérez-Guerras. The 26th floor has an indoor pool and views to the Mediterranean Sea.
    Image: Roberto Pérez-Guerras


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