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    Postcard from Armea di Sanremo

    ArchWeek Image

    The cemetery extension, Armea di Sanremo, Italy. Photography by Aldo Amoretti.

    Dear ArchitectureWeek,

    We conceived the enlargement of the Armea cemetery as a place where oblivion lives together with memory, and where memory passes gradually from personal to collective. The site is made up of a burial area, an individual ossuary tower, a common ossuary/cinerary, and a service area.

    The low-density burial area extends along terraces following the natural topology of the place. Partially buried marble sarcophagi are identified by a covering tombstone and left in place for 40 years. After that, the remains will be moved to small individual urns and placed in the ossuary tower, fostering a collective sentment.

    The common ossuary and cinerary are in an adjacent, protected cloister space. The simple architecture has only a few essential elements to suggest oblivion and memory: two tombstones, a wall, and benches.

    The different places within the cemetery have been built with similar materials in various forms and applications: gravel, concrete, and stone.

    From Armea di Sanremo, Italy,

    Aldo Amoretti and Marco Calvi Architects


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    ArchWeek Image

    ArchWeek Image

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