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Gehry's Disney Concert Hall

by Leigh Christy

Crowning Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles, the stainless steel curves of the Walt Disney Concert Hall (WDCH) by Frank Gehry shine in the Southern California sun. They shine in quick flashes glimpsed through nondescript high-rises, throwing fortuitous reflections among the shadows. The taller forms stretch up and out toward the city, while the lower forms bend down toward passersby.

The building is a stunning piece of architecture, ripe for metaphoric interpretations ranging from blooming flower to sailing ship. The main auditorium, designed by Yasuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustics, is being lauded for its acoustic quality. The building's very existence is a miracle of logistics and perseverance. But in the long run, the success of the WDCH will depend on what happens when its shiny novelty wears off.   >>>

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ArchWeek Image

The Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry, as seen from the corner of Grand Avenue and 2nd Street in Los Angeles.
Photo: Tom Bonner

ArchWeek Image

Auditorium stage and pipe organ.
Photo: Federico Zignani


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