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ArchitectureWeek - Classic Homes
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    Classic Home 040

    ArchWeek Image

    Exterior Overview of Classic Home 040, Cary House, designed by Joseph Esherick, Architect.

    " a fairly simple box, elaborated by the eyelashes and eyebrows of overhangs which soften the transition from the simple box to the bright light of the outside. There, I think, for the first time in several centuries, the windows came clearly to be seen not just as walls of glass as in earlier houses, nor as holes in solid walls, as in still earlier ones, but rather variously as chances to pick up light along a wall or floor or to look at a view through an opening shaded by trellises, each window responding to the special aspects of what lay beyond or the quality of entering light." Charles Moore from Bay Area Houses, Sally Woodbridge, editor.

    Copyright Notice: The design of this house is owned by the designer, and it may not be copied without permission.

    Download a Free 3D Model of this Classic House


    ArchWeek Image

    Ground floor plan.
    Joseph Esherick, Architect

    ArchWeek Image

    Upper floor plan.
    Joseph Esherick, Architect

    ArchWeek Image

    Download a Free 3D Model of this Classic House
    Image: CJ Shumate / David Owen

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