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Pentagon Rebuilt!

by ArchitectureWeek

One year after a highjacked airliner smashed through the limestone and concrete facade of the Pentagon, reconstruction of the damaged portions of the building will be complete. When the airliner exploded inside the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, 189 people, both military and civilian, were killed. As a tribute to the victims, and in defiance of the terrorists, construction crews have been engaged in a nearly 24-hour-per-day effort to rebuild and repair the extensive damage.

The "Phoenix Project" of renovation and reconstruction began shortly after the attack. Those offices that were damaged only slightly were reoccupied within 22 days. Demolition of the worst-hit areas was completed by November 19. The area of complete destruction was, fortunately, limited because of an ongoing project of structural improvements.

On September 11, 2002, a memorial service on the site will be viewable by 600 people from their rebuilt offices in the outer section where the plane hit. More than 2,000 other workers have already returned to less damaged areas.

Even before the attack, to meet potential threats, the Pentagon Renovation Program had begun security remodel projects. One example is the Metro Entrance Facility, which relocates a bus station and removes what had been a direct entry to the Pentagon from the Metrorail station. The new facility opened in July, 2002.

September 11, 2002 will also be the deadline for submitting proposals for a design competition for a memorial to those who died. The winning design will occupy nearly two acres, under the flight path of American Airlines Flight 77, west of the point where the airliner slammed into the facade. The winning design will be limited to the Pentagon's height and will incorporate security measures to keep visitors away from the Pentagon. Competition registrations have come from all over the world. (Registration is now closed.)

In addition to the rebuilding efforts, the Pentagon Renovation Program is continuing with its original scope of work to reinforce the entire building by December, 2012.

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ArchWeek Image

The Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
Photo: U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon Renovation Program

ArchWeek Image

The Pentagon with reconstruction nearly complete.
Photo: U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon Renovation Program

ArchWeek Image

The Metro Entrance Facility is one of several security measures of the Pentagon Renovation Program.
Photo: U.S. Department of Defense Pentagon Renovation Program


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