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  • Hybrid Digital/Manual Site Drawings
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    Hybrid Digital/Manual Site Drawings

    by Jim Leggitt

    The precision of computer rendering is difficult to match with a hand drawing. The character of a hand drawing is equally difficult to match with a computer rendering. Both have their advantages and place in the design visualization process.

    Computers provide quick tools for massing space and buildings. They are great for studying relationships between buildings and understanding complicated geometric shapes, but they can also lack character and personality by poorly delineating people, landscaping, graphics, furniture, cars, lighting, and many other elements that add to the character of a visual presentation.

    You can add all of these elements if you have the time and technical expertise. Hand drawing can pick up where basic computer modeling stops by easily filling in the elements that add valuable personality and scale.

    Site Drawings with Hybrid Techniques

    The drawings shown here illustrate the great value of a computer when drawing physical terrain. A digital terrain model (DTM) represents actual topographic site elevations in three dimensions. Terrain modeling may not be as evident when the drawing is an aerial perspective but shows well as low-angle site drawings.   >>>

    This article is excerpted from Drawing Shortcuts: Developing Quick Drawing Skills Using Today's Technology by Jim Leggitt, with permission of the publisher, John Wiley & Sons.

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    ArchWeek Image

    A map of Gunnison, Colorado, when printed in perspective view, becomes a base drawing for describing growth scenarios.
    Image: Jim Leggitt

    ArchWeek Image

    The same view of Gunnison, Colorado with one growth scenario hand-drawn in ink and markers.
    Image: Jim Leggitt


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