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    Autodesk Goes Conceptual

    by B.J. Novitski

    For two decades, as mainstream software for architects has gradually increased its ability to support design development and construction document production, one phase of design has proved more elusive to software providers.

    What has been relatively lacking in the digital realm is support for conceptual design, an activity typically carried out in a fast-paced, personal "conversation" between a designer and a series of sketches, through the medium of soft pencil on paper.

    Although freehand-like sketching has long been possible with pixel-based "paint" software like Photoshop, and with Macintosh CAD software like PowerCADD, conventional CAD applications like AutoCAD and MicroStation have not provided a way to bring in those sketches for further development. Instead, the transition from sketch to CAD has usually meant abandoning the freehand sketch at some point while starting over in a digital medium.

    In an effort to bridge that transition, and to make entry into a digital environment more accessible to those who prefer pencil sketching, Autodesk has recently released Architectural Studio.   >>>



    ArchWeek Image

    Cornell student Yasemin Kologlu sketched a plan by hand then used it as a template to build a 3D model in Architectural Studio.
    Image: Yasemin Kologlu

    ArchWeek Image

    During a videoconferencing session with architect Richard Meier, students watched him draw and critique student work, using Autodesk Architectural Studio.
    Photo: Moreno A. Piccolotto


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