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    Parisian Elementary


    The building as a whole has two quite different sides. Facing the street it appears to be simple, clear, and two-dimensional, while facing north and to the courtyard it presents a playful combination of volumes and terraces.

    Both appearances reflect the building regulations. The facade toward the street had to be mostly vertical. The northern side had to accommodate the neighbors' 45-degree view of the sky. The main corridor on the second floor changes direction to respect a neighboring two-story courtyard shed.

    Such surrounding influences meant the compact spaces were fit in the site where they were allowed, not necessarily where they would have been most suitable. Fortunately the difficult shape of the site and the influence of the various regulations led to interesting solutions, and an elementary school with more personality than one tends to see in Paris.

    Christian Horn lives and works in France and Germany. He is an associate of ON-AIR, a Paris-based, Europe-oriented architecture firm, focusing on experimental architecture and project management. He is a frequent contributor to several German and French architecture magazines.

    Project Credits

    Client: City of Paris
    Architect: Gilles Margot-Duclot
    Artist: Yvan Messac
    Structural Engineer: Geciba
    Mechanical Engineer: Bethac
    Cost Consultant: AEI
    Constructor: GTM


    ArchWeek Image

    Ground floor plan.
    Image: Gilles Margot-Duclot

    ArchWeek Image

    First floor plan.
    Image: Gilles Margot-Duclot

    ArchWeek Image

    Second floor plan.
    Image: Gilles Margot-Duclot

    ArchWeek Image

    Third floor plan.
    Image: Gilles Margot-Duclot


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