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Quizzical Pursuit
—The Architecture Puzzler

Created by Dave Guadagni

Solution to Last Week's Puzzler
Architecture Puzzler #67


When early American townships were being developed, it was common to offer lots of various lengths along street frontages. Depending on a personís inclinations or financial strength they might purchase a lot of 1, 2, 3, or 4 rods wide. How wide is a 4-rod lot?


A four-rod-wide lot is 66 feet (20 meters) wide. A rod is 5-1/2 yards or 16.5 feet (5 meters).


Okay, got it? Now try this week's Puzzler:


Dave Guadagni, AIA, is an architect with Robertson/Sherwood/Architects

Quizzical Pursuit is Copyright 2001, Dave Guadagni.


ArchWeek Image

Map designating townships.

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