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    Postcard from Japan

    ArchWeek Photo

    Coalescent Constructions #48. Artwork by Christian Culver

    ArchWeek Photo

    Coalescent Constructions #49.

    ArchWeek Photo

    Metropolitan Landscapes #3.

    ArchWeek Photo

    Coalescent Constructions #46.


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    Dear ArchitectureWeek,

    While traveling in Japan, I was inspired to produce a new series of pieces. This artwork combines shape, color, form, and architectural "citygraphs," to translate a "physical reality" into a two-dimensional "constructed map."

    Each of us who lives in a big city sees hundreds of images everyday, an unprecedented density of visual messages. These messages may be remembered or forgotten, but briefly one takes them in, and for a moment they stimulate the imagination by way of either memory or expectation.

    A metropolis is a navigational landscape; a series of adventures for the engaged. My work is the two dimensional journey of such a landscape. It is a completely unique journey for each individual — always taking on new meanings.

    I hope to engage the viewer on two levels. The large scale investigates the relationships of colors, fields, and the viewers' sense of place. The small scale focuses upon very detailed fragmented, yet linked "instances" or "discoveries," that as a whole create a relationship; hence "Coalescent Constructions."

    On the road in Japan,

    Christian Culver

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